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Salish Winds Fragrance Oils

Copious amounts of 100% pure essential oils go into our creations, making them a vibrant, and unique offering. We use only the very best ingredients in our fragrance blends, and do not water down with nasty fillers; these are concentrated fragrance oils, safe for your enjoyment and creative use.
We invite you to try mixing your own inspirations by blending together two or more fragrances, creating your own personal aroma blend.
Explore the possibilities! Our oils can be used in reed diffusers, heated aroma lamps; you can make your own incense, scent home made candles, refresh potpourri and wax tarts.
They are also safe enough to be used on the body, scenting home made soap, bath salts, bath bombs, perfume oils, solid perfume, body lotions and massage oil.
Like all essential based oils, please dilute with a carrier oil, such as Jojoba or Almond oil before applying directly to skin.
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