Salish Winds Incense

Founded in 1996, Salish Winds is an artisan crafted line of aromatherapy products.
All of our creations are loving made in studio.
We blend all of our ingredients by hand in small batch's to maintain our products integrity and freshness.
By using copious amounts of 100% pure essential oils in our formulations, and not cutting with DPG or alcohol, we create a clean burning, vibrant aroma experience, where we know you will smell and feel the difference.

I bought my first Garden of Eden Incense on Vashon Island on a day trip @ the outdoor market approx. 15 years ago.
I guarded it like gold because I didn't know how to get more. I left a couple sticks in the cloth because of that, and as I shared with your owner about 5 years back, it held it's wonderful fragrance for that 10 year period, till I found you again on the internet. WOW!
Thank you for making the best incense on the market.
So much of the other stuff gives me a headache; while yours makes me happy!

Diane D.
Chandler, AZ

I was in Walla Walla this past summer and found your incense in a
clothing/boutique shop. Drawn by the beautiful packaging and then enticed by
the scent - I was smitten. The Sunset Meadow has proved to be exactly the
kind of incense I've been looking for - It burns beautifully - slowly and
evenly- and envelopes me with a soft scent that lingers lightly and is even
refreshing the next day.
I was very excited to find out you sell Online.
Thanks for the wonderful customer service.

Toni G.
Renton, WA

We believe you deserve the very best when it comes to scenting your home and nurturing your spirit, and that is precisely why we take the steps to create the most potent, undiluted and pure incense and fragrance oils on the market.

If you're a Prince fan, you may recognize us as the incense he endorsed and sold on tour and his former NPG music club website.
Salish Winds continues to make the same incense sold through Prince, only the names have changed.

Cinnamon Girl - Cinnamon Twist
Gamillah - Clary Sage
Here on Earth - English Ivy
Life can be so nice - Jasmine
Beautiful Night - Sunset Meadow
Play in the Sunshine - Garden of Eden.

"Years ago, being a big fan of Prince, I purchased quite a few things from
his website. One of the best were these various incenses and oils. Soon
enough, to my dismay, those items were no longer available. I remember
going to his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame After show Concert, and being within
feet of him, and being able to smell him. He smelled otherworldly...and
exactly like those incenses and oils I had purchased from the website.

Anyway, just recently I was going through old papers lying around the house
and I came across the cloth wrapping the "Play in the Sunshine" incense came
in. Inside was one stick...just one. Unfortunately the years had stolen
its power and it only offered a shadow of its former self. But the tasteful
cloth wrapper and attached label spurned me on a hunt. Every now and then
I'd google prince oils with no luck, but I was smart enough to google the
incense this time which led to a forum (which I'm already a member of) for
prince fans that had a link to your site! So today, I opened the box, and
dove into the Garden of Eden incense, as the member had said it was close to
the Play in the Sunshine fragrance. It truly is.
Otherworldly...calming...pretty...luxurious...and just fantastic. So thank
you so much!
I don't know if you make the incense yourself, but you are
doing great work. I'll be ordering again :)"

Darryl V.
Brooklyn, NY

You can find us at certain Whole Foods Markets, Town and Country Markets, Henry's Markets,
and many other stores and boutiques.

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