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Cedar Incense and Fragrance Oils

A Customer favorite, notes of woods and balsamic blend beautifully, creating a sense of deep calm.
Our Cedarwood is a strong blend, with lots of Virginia Cedarwood essential oils in a woodsy, rich fragrance.
Relax into the calm and grounded energies of Cedar; your home will smell like a cozy log cabin in the woods. Traditionally used for its purifying and grounding benefits. Cedarwood is known widely for its ability to bring a sense of calm security and focus to any situation.
Blends perfectly with our Sandalwood, Vanilla Balsam, Lavender, Clary Sage, Patchouli, or Sunset Meadow.

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Cedarwood has been used as incense since prerecorded time. It is still used in Tibetan Buddhism and other religions as an extension to prayer, an offering to Deity and a means to purify. Its aromatherapy benefits the user in meditation and prayer, creating a warm, nurturing sense of peace.
Cedar has a deep calming and relaxing affect (scientifically proven Cedarwood has been shown to successfully treat the effects of ADD and ADHD in children) and is wonderful for easing stress and anxiety. Perfect for unwinding at the end of the day - Cedarwood is great for when you are having a hard time sleeping - especially when your sleeplessness come from stress or worry.
Cedarwood aromatherapy should also be used while taking a bath or receiving a massage to amplify the healing benefits.