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Thank you!! You're amazing! I received a beautiful package in my mail today!! Oh my goodness I have NEVER smelt incense and fragrance oil as beautiful as your products!! I'm watching Prince movies tonight and burning my incense for him! The postage was quicker then I expected and I can't wait to try the jasmine sample as it is gorgeous!! Ahh I'm so excited 😆 I will be buying more for Christmas for myself and my sister and she's going to get such a beautiful surprise. Thank you so much Stacia! You have now gained a regular customer from the other side of world in Australia 💕💕
Lots of love 💜💜💜💜

Joanne F.
Bradbury NSW Australia

I received my order of Garden of Eden and Sharhazad in this afternoon’s post. I have burned for many, many years and can say in sincerity that your incense is the most beautiful I have ever encountered.

At first, I was tempted to say there was some sort of glamour covering your incense, for it didn’t seem possible that something could smell and feel so divine. I lit the stick and hoped it wouldn’t stumble. It did not. It burned beautifully and with intentions true.
You are very talented. Please accept my thanks for sharing your gift. May prosperity and kindness meet you always.

Manon, Seattle, WA

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL of the fragrances and will be continuing to buy them. Thank you soooooo much. You don't know how much you have blessed me and made me happy.

Carolyn Lovett
Macon, GA

Stacia, I received my order of Shahrazad and Garden of Eden oils today. I'm relatively new to Salish Winds and have already fallen in love with Garden of Eden. And Shahrazad is intoxicating...thank you so much for these products. I'm 62 and have been searching for scents like these forever. Nothing else has ever come close. I am truly lost in these gorgeous, mesmerizing and lovely fragrances. They make me feel exotic and beautiful again...
Thank you for that.

Peggy S.
Dewey, OK

Received my order yesterday. Although I don't really like to resort to "young 'uns" slang - you rock! These fragrance oils are just pure joy. Cedarwood - totally realistic, feels like I'm sitting in a forest. Frankincense and Myrrh - I'm sure I've "smelled" this before, but never like this. Christmas joy! Nag Champa - certainly never heard of this, (surprisingly, with some of my younger day forays) but what a wonderful, relaxing scent. And finally, OMG (how dare I) Garden of Eden - what is this stuff? This has to be the best thing to ever reach my olfactory system. Now I know why it is a favorite of you and yours!
Thanks again for the quick turnaround, and have a wonderful holiday

Luann C.

I have intended to write you much sooner... your incense is amazing! Even the packaging was so beautiful... I could feel the amazing energy and love that went into making your product while unwrapping my order. I am so pleased with the effectiveness of the incense keeping the bugs away while I sit outside and just chill recollecting the day and wondering what the universe offers for tomorrow. Please feel free to use my comments as needed for your reviews. Thank you for you!

Kit S.
Melbourne, FL

Oh my gosh! Just got my delivery and can I just say “WOW”!! This stuff is amazing!
Garden of Eden - I’ll definitely be a repeat customer!! Thank you!! Amazing!
I couldn’t get home soon enough to try it out!!

Jen W.
Stillwater, MN

Your incense are so beautifully scented! The BEST I have ever used.

I had burned (my favorite) Garden Of Eden and the beautiful aroma stayed for 3 days and each day it was so pleasant.
Thank you kindly and blessings to you!

Lori M.
Plattsburg, NY

By the way, I just wanted to say that I placed my first order last month.
I had to return, your incense is the only kind that does not give me a headache.
I first came across your product through Prince's website and was devastated when I could no longer order it. I found about your actual store by accident....through a blog searching for information on Prince, I was and forever will be a huge fan of his. I am very thankful that I found your store, hopefully one day I will be able to visit in person but for now I will continue to buy all of my incense from YOUR online store. Thank you so much and much love!

Stephanie W.
El Paso, TX

My order of your luscious incense just arrived in the mail!I have lit a stick of my lavender scent & have placed the cedar wood bundle in a drawer with my favorite t-shirts...the remaining jasmine & lavender bundles will imbue my sweaters with their glorious fragrance...until I enjoy their lit splendor...
Thank you , Stacia.....this gray winter day just became a whole lot less gray.....
With much appreciation....

Peggy J.
Woodbury, CT

Dear Stacia, my husband and I have been burning incense for over 25 years and your incense is by far the best that we've ever come across. You were recommended by a friend in the USA and we are so glad we purchased our first sample pack and found that it was not hype, your incense is truly the best. We're so glad you ship to Australia…
Yours sincerely,

Robert and Tanja C.
South Australia

Hello! I do not normally review products but I feel I must contact you because your incense has greatly helped me this week.
I have had a cascade of health issues this month and all but lost my appetite. While wandering Central Market trying in vain to find something that seemed appetizing I was drawn to your incense. I could smell it from a distance!
While burning your vanilla incense I am able to eat more than usual, it is so calming. I've used many incenses in the past and yours is by far the best. Thank you for making such a superior product and for using ecological packaging :)

Meredith B.
Port Ludlow, WA

Your incense are the very best; they have staying power. I have been on this Earth for about 60 years so I have used various incense. So when I say these incense are the best I mean this truly.

Phyllis N.
Stockton, NJ

Your incense is THE ABSOLUTE BEST that I've ever come across. I saw it in Whole Foods today and bought 3 bundles.
I am burning them as I type this and the scents are heavenly. PLEASE keep producing your product (particularly Cinnamon, Patchouli, and Sandalwood) without changing the formula(s).

Janet T.
Fairfax, VA

I received my order today and it's every bit as awesome as my last. The quality of the incense and time you spend on wrapping the order really stands out above the rest. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

James K
Houston, TX

What a lovely letter! But then, I'd expect nothing less from Salish Winds. Thank you.
You remind me of how very long it's been since my previous s.w. order. believe me when I say, the lapse has nothing to do with the quality of your product or my enjoyment of it. quite the opposite. in fact, I still have three s.w. wraps displayed on the secretary i inherited from my father: sage, sandalwood and patchouli.
I doled the sticks out like gold and have not, in all these years, been able to use the last of each. I could not bear to see them go.
Frankly, I cannot recall how it was that I first learned of you, but I think it was before my cyber land initiation. in any case, a good deal of water has gone under the bridge in that time, and while things are even less easy financially now than they were then, I have come to realize a couple of things:
1. life is very short. one needs to savor that which is truly worth savoring. and
2. small, independence businesses who strive to offer their customers full value and more should be supported in every way possible. indeed, my son is one of those indie businesspeople, and I know the care and sacrifice and joy involved.
These are a couple of the reasons I sought you out on the web and facebook, and I am deeply glad I did.
Am looking forward to my beautiful S.W. order and thank you in advance for your generosity of spirit.
All the best,

Boston, MA

Just wanted to let you know I received my order and I'm a very happy man. You see last week I was having a discussion with my cousin about incense. I told her a story about how I had bought a Prince gift box online from his website in 2003.
The box contained a book, poster, CD, tshirt and some incense. When I opened the box, the aroma from the incense just burst out of the box. I waited a couple of years to finally burn a stick of the incense and it was wonderful.
The fragrance was still strong and didn't have a oily smoke when burned like other brands.
My cousin's daughter had come into the house and the first thing she said was "I love that incense and where did you get it"? I told her it was exclusively from Prince and she had to buy it online. She asked if she could have a stick, I said yes, and it was the last time I saw the incense!
When I finally tried to replace it for my gift box, it was no longer sold. I told my cousin it was called "Play In The Sunshine" and that I wished I had bought more when I had the chance.
After my cousin had left, I was trying to remember the names of all the different fragrances that Prince sold. So I went to and did a search to find a list of them. Among the search results was a post about Salish Winds, and how Prince rebranded your incense.
Well I'm glad I did that search. I'm was able to buy the fragrance I fell in love with, years later. You have the best incense I've seen in my 55 years. The fragrance is strong but not overbearing and the smoke is not oily.
You now have a customer for life. I'm so happy I found Salish Winds. I'm sure you'll get a few referrals from me.

Jose M.
San Jose, CA

Hi - Quick note to say I've tried a dozen brands of Tea Tree Oil in the past 3-4 months, and I absolutely LOVE yours. I just got my package of 3 bottles last week and will order more very soon.
I use it in everything from the dishwasher to the laundry to a spray bottle to deodorize the carpet, to shampoo, conditioner, to a candle warmer - everything. It's probably good that I live alone!
I even carry a tissue in my purse with a dropper full on it. Simply can't get enough of the fragrance.

Judy O
Yakima, WA

Thank you Stacia for continuing the Salish Winds tradition of products created with intention and integrity.
My customers love your incense and are incredibly loyal to your brand.
Your incense is of the highest quality; it burns clean, true to its fragrance and is always a delight for the senses and Spirit.

Jody Cleveland
Owner, Hands of Serenity Healing
Fishkill, NY

I discovered Salish Winds Incense in 1997, when my room mate brought some home from Poulsbo Market.
Initially, I was intrigued by the packing (the cloth). I felt that the cloth packaging helped retained the freshness of the incense. I also was pleased with the fragrances offered.
I am a born intuitive and active Tarot card reader. I use certain fragrances for blessings & cleansing of the room or area that I am working in as well as blessings & cleansing of my clients before a reading.
also found the incenses that I shared with my clients promoted healings body, mind, heart & center.
Through the years many of my clients have returned to me to purchase more incense as they feel that using certain fragrances promotes healings, centers them in meditation and over all creates a calm & peaceful environment.
My clients, as well as myself enjoy the fact that the incense lasts so much longer than any others I have used. If I burn a full stick, my room retains the fragrance for up to 5 hours.
I have Never had that kind of experience with any other incense on the market today.
Although, from time to time, I have tried to use other incenses, I always return to Salish Winds for all of the reasons stated above.
I recommend that you try it too. I am completely confident you will be more than satisfied with this product.

Starr Vincent
Cerrillos, NM

I bought my first Garden of Eden Incense on Vashon Island on a day trip @ the outdoor market approx. 15 years ago.
I guarded it like gold because I didn't know how to get more. I left a couple sticks in the cloth because of that, and as I shared with your owner about 5 years back, it held it's wonderful fragrance for that 10 year period, till I found you again on the internet. WOW!
Thank you for making the best incense on the market.
So much of the other stuff gives me a headache; while yours makes me happy!

Diane D.
Chandler, AZ

I was in Walla Walla this past summer and found your incense in a clothing/boutique shop. Drawn by the beautiful packaging and then enticed by the scent - I was smitten.
The Sunset Meadow has proved to be exactly the kind of incense I've been looking for - It burns beautifully - slowly and evenly- and envelopes me with a soft scent that lingers lightly and is even refreshing the next day.
I was very excited to find out you sell Online.
Thanks for the wonderful customer service.

Toni G.
Renton, WA

Years ago, being a big fan of Prince, I purchased quite a few things from his website. One of the best were these various incenses and oils. Soon enough, to my dismay, those items were no longer available.
I remember going to his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Aftershow Concert, and being within feet of him, and being able to smell him. He smelled otherworldly...and exactly like those incenses and oils I had purchased from the website.
Anyway, just recently I was going through old papers lying around the house and I came across the cloth wrapping the "Play in the Sunshine" incense came in. Inside was one stick...just one. Unfortunately the years had stolen its power and it only offered a shadow of its former self. But the tasteful cloth wrapper and attached label spurned me on a hunt.
Every now and then I'd google prince oils with no luck, but I was smart enough to google the incense this time which led to a forum (which I'm already a member of) for prince fans that had a link to your site!
So today, I opened the box, and dove into the Garden of Eden incense, as the member had said it was close to the Play in the Sunshine fragrance. It truly is.
Otherworldly...calming...pretty...luxurious...and just fantastic. So thank you so much! I don't know if you make the incense yourself, but you are doing great work. I'll be ordering again :)

Darryl V.
Brooklyn, NY

I am a devoted fan of your incense, and have even gone as far a to endorse you on my blog. I just wanted you to know i love your incense and I share it with others.

Dana C.
Poulsbo, WA

I think I told you before that you have some of the best incense I have ever used. I have tried numerous brands over about a 40yr stretch and I think you have the most consistent and best quality of any I have used.

Doug T.
Wellsville, NY

Your incense is by far my favorite. It is delicious!! Thanks so much! I love your incense!!! I want to buy a million more!!

I love the charcoal so much better! Its so pure and clean. Yay! I'll be ordering more very very soon.